Once upon a time, a powerful king sent out his elite troops to arrest a preacher who had been reported as picking up his crucial intelligence each time he had planned an attack against that preacher’s people.  Very early one morning (which is usually when security agencies choose to conduct their raids) the preacher woke up to find armoured personnel carriers all around his vicinity: a nation’s arsenal had come out against one holy man; chariots, horses, and armed soldiers against one unarmed civilian (2 Kings 6:8-24)!

Sometime recently, someone reasonably ‘connected’ told how he had been reached more than once by someone among ‘them,’ about ‘his friend’ (however they found the connection).  They wondered at the source of the intelligence that ‘his friend’ managed to pick up about dates and plans.  He told them it came from God.  They told him they were going to get ‘him.’  He advised that they did not bother, because that person was protected by God.

It was reassuring to hear that again; reassuring to know that our prayers have not been in vain; that when we picked up dates and called for prayers, the headlines might not have corroborated our message, but the enemy knows, and God answers prayers.  The last time we called prayers to deal with a date in Nigeria was when we had to address November 29th, 2021 (as received from multiple sources), which had been marked for ‘entering into Jerusalem.’  I do not here speak in tongues.  Before then, a cloud had been approaching eastern Nigeria, and a Gideon Call for 300 intercessors was sent out, to which several praying people graciously responded, for 13 days of nightly prayers from May 23 to June 4.  Only later did we learn that we had saved much blood.

Also, when about Easter last year we called to prayers, there actually came a Passover.  This year, signals from Above and below seem to suggest that ‘they’ are up to something again during the Easter in Nigeria.  The king of Syria didn’t stop trying because a previous attempt was frustrated by prophetic intelligence.  He kept trying until his soldiers were blinded and arrested by the same prophet he had sought to arrest.  That season seems to have come around again.

Let’s leave the Heavenly intelligence and speak about the Earthly ‘rumours of war.’  Our brother, the late Dr Obadiah Malaifa, whose voice ‘they’ silenced at last, warned that he had credible intelligence on how ‘they’ planned to enter the cities after they shall have finished with their initial phase of attacking and dispossessing rural communities, mainly Christian communities.  Lately, the news is that ‘they’ have entered Abuja.  Last year, it was in the news that they were ‘very close’ to the capital, in Niger Sate.  Their ‘sleeper cells’ have been rumoured in Lagos and Ibadan and Enugu and other mainly Christian and southern Nigeria communities.

Dr Malaifa told how ‘their’ converted commanders had informed him that their ‘next’ phase would be to cause a civil war in 2022.  To that effect, there are now credible worries by notable personalities across political and religious divides.  Knowledgeable observers are concerned that the enemy appears to be about to commence that phase – Afghanistan style: attack the capital, kill several, then the compromised Federal army under a largely Fulani Islamic command, would simply capitulate to their jihad, and game over.  There is a God in heaven, and “He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision.”  Amen (Psalm 2:4).

Was it strange that Buhari lately donated a hungry and debt-ridden nation’s one million dollars (about 156 million naira) to the Taliban Government of Afghanistan?  If the place of one’s treasures tells the place of one’s heart (Matthew 6:21), does such a gift at this time say anything about the alliances and compromises of the leadership?  Nigeria – Afghanistan!  And the ongoing theatrics of political parties: as far as the troublers of Nigeria are concerned, Option 1: there will be no election, through whatever legal and ‘constitutional’ loopholes possible, so the System can continue ‘constitutionally,’ or Option 2: the jihad handover through a contrived ‘civil war.’  But there is a God in Heaven, and “He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision.”  Amen (Psalm 2:4).

 May we not fear their war, while we trust the Lord and walk righteously as a Church and as a nation, although we already have many wars around the country and much blood has defiled the land.  May we make peace with Him, then He can drive away the locusts that He allowed.  He calls us to watch.  If in the past He mercifully frustrated their dates, He can hear us again.  Ukraine-Russia is global news prayer point enough in this season.  Thanks to God for the many prayer altars that He is stirring up in the land and around the globe in this season.  Soon, it shall be Easter again, and the Passover trumpet calls as follows:

 Three days of fasting and nightly online prayers April 15-17 (Good Friday – Easter Sunday), 2022, from 11.00pm each night, to 12:30 am.  May God be merciful unto us despite our many backslidings as a Church and as a nation; may the angel of God smite Herod; may Pharoah and his first borns be judged, with the corrupted Hophnis and Phinehases polluting the altar, that the people of promise may march out of bondage into the Promise.  May God now send us His Moses to lead the march.  Amen.  While we pray, may we beware of the enemy’s anti-Psalm 133 siege in this season, that Judah smite not Benjamin, and Dan carry no vile rumours about Zebulon.  Amen.


Meeting ID: 872 6724 9356

Passcode: 044182

 May Moses do as he is anointed to do: climb up the hill and lift up his rod, while Joshua does as he is anointed to do: engage the enemy in the valley.  We cannot all be in the valley, and we cannot all be on the hill holding up the rod (Exodus 17:9-11).  While none despises the other, we cry, Let God arise, and let His enemies be scattered, in Jesus name.  Amen.

The Preacher 
April 8, 2022. 

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