Visions and Voices over Nigeria

Did you read the last post, “The Threatened Storms Over Nigeria”?   Well, since that message two days ago, I have received a few corroborations.  One pastor sent this message, “Sir, this strongly resonates with signals I have been receiving from the throne room for the past few weeks.”  In other words, he confirms the threats as well as the call to prayers this weekend.  He is not alone, as the ‘signals’ about potential attacks on Christians in Nigeria have been recurrent to many.  A sister, whose young daughter was one of those who had received revelations about the November 29th omens last year, leading to the call to national prayers to address that date, shared her daughter’s dream about food rationing (symbolic of famine and hunger) and the President exploiting the advantage of dispensing food to force electoral votes for himself.  Like others, she also had a dream about a jihadist invasion and people fleeing the country.
Within the same days as we sent out the call to national prayers, Prophet Tomi Arayomi, lately relocated from the UK to Nigeria, shared his prophecy of impeding political intrigues and Nigeria being at a “tipping point, a decisive moment.”  That is the announcing of a prophetic season; a notification of where the nation now is, in the clock of the Spirit.  The call to stand in prayers this Easter could not have been less timely, given also, in the natural, the clear strategic moves of men and materials on either side of the national interest. 

Carefully guided by a witchcraft process, Haman chose the Passover eve to commence his mass slaughter of the Jews in Persia.  Esther, aided by Elder Mordecai, stepped up and stepped out. The dates backfired against the plotter (Esther 3:6-7).  Centuries later, King Herod, urged on by Satan but through a different means, also chose the Passover season to kill Peter (Acts 12:4).  The Church prayed.  It was the plotter that died in shameful public circumstances at the end of that chapter.  

What vile spirit induces rulers so often to plot to reverse the Spirit of the Passover (Easter) by seeking other bloods to pollute and counter the hallowed blood of the Lamb that speaks in that season?  Recurrent in the Old and New Testaments, this is not ordinary, “But there is a God in heaven that revealeth secrets, and maketh known … what shall be” (Daniel 2:28). 

As in the previous post, I repeat, If, in the past, the Lord mercifully disappointed their dates, He can hear us again, and He will.  Frustrated yet again, they might begin afresh to check out Elisha for always leaking their plots to the king, but they shall be blinded, and they shall be led away.  Amen (2 Kings 6:8-24).  Ukraine-Russia is global news and prayer point enough in this season.  We shall not be prey while the world is distracted thither.  The prayer call, thus, is as follows: 

Three days of fasting and nightly online prayers April 15-17 (Good Friday – Easter Sunday), 2022, from 11.00pm each night, to 12:30 am.   


Meeting ID: 872 6724 9356 

Passcode: 044182 

While God is raising our national deliverers, may the watchers on the wall not tire for how long the wait has been.  May we not hold our peace “day nor night,” and may we “give him no rest, till…” (Isaiah 62:6-7).   As observed by one of our International Desk Coordinators in The Preacher UK and quoted in the last post, the coincidence of Jewish Passover, Christian Easter, and Islamic Ramadan in the same season this year is significant, for which others have also heard the call to prayers and are announcing it.  See you nightly at Gethsemane this weekend.  Shalom. 



The Preacher
April 13, 2022. 

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