Then said I, wisdom is better than strength: nevertheless the poor man’s wisdom is despised, and his words are never heard (Ecclesiastes 9:16).
“Wisdom is better than strength,” but wisdom alone is never strong enough to open all doors and conquer all territories.  The poor man’s wisdom is no less wisdom, but his reach is limited by his means.

According to our text, two things stand against the poor wise man: firstly, his wisdom is “despised” – by those who (don’t blame them) naturally relate his wisdom to his status.  His lack limits his gift in the eyes of those.  Secondly, “his words are not heard.” In other words, even when he manages to find a voice, no matter how loud he screams, his scope is restricted by his size; his voice muffled by his lean purse.  How much has a poor man got to publish his sweet voice?  How far can he go?
Wisdom is great, wisdom is strength (Proverbs 21:22), but wisdom alone does not guarantee relevance.  Wisdom plus strength (or wisdom plus wealth) is better than wisdom alone.  A rich wise man is paid for his wisdom; but a poor wise man is used and forgotten, even when his wisdom might have saved a city (Ecclesiastes 9:15).
A rich man, even when he is foolish, gets attention.  His reach is advanced by his riches.  People will polish and publish his folly, for his money or for his notice.  He might have no message, yet his means will garnish his nonsense, on TV, radio, and in a hundred barren books every year. But the poor man’s burning message, because he lacks the “strength” to publish it, will hardly be heard by those it might have helped.  Even when he might find some way to publish it, it is sometimes packaged so poorly that it is despised by those it begs to help.  “The rich man’s wealth is his strong city: the destruction of the poor is their poverty (Proverbs 10:15).
What is the wisdom of two wings in the wind? What is the wisdom of two legs on land?  And what in the waters is the wisdom of two fins on either side of the fish? Wealth is wisdom’s second wing for flying far. A one-winged eagle is doomed to his spot.  Wealth in the hands of the wise will amplify his voice, but by his poverty, many perish that he might have saved (Hosea 4:6; Isaiah 5:13). Wisdom is sometimes not loud enough without wealth.
Seek wisdom, seek wealth also.  Like Solomon, it is still possible to be wise and wealthy.
O Lord, grant me wisdom, and the wealth to water it.  Thus, deliver me, and this hearer also, O Lord, from the reproach of the despisers.  Amen.
From The Preacher’s diary,
April 28, 2002.
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Mary Kokoyo Edem
Mary Kokoyo Edem
1 month ago

Great grace sir.
And blessings in JESUS mighty name.

Tunde Chukwujekwe
Tunde Chukwujekwe
1 month ago

Poverty is surely not humility.
Oh LORD, deliver me from the reproach of the despisers in JESUS name. Amen

Tunde Chukwujekwe
Tunde Chukwujekwe
1 month ago

This is just another confirmation of the messages I’ve been receiving in recent time. The books of proverbs and Ecclesiastes are seriously driving the truth home. It’s obvious that there’s going to be exchange of wealth to the tried and tested in this season.
Help us oh LORD, to see as You see and may we hear Your voice clearly on this matter, in JESUS name. Amen.

Emmanuel Boms Sylvanus
Emmanuel Boms Sylvanus
1 month ago

Amen. I just learnt that wealth adds value to wisdom.

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