1. Distress Calls 

I have received calls and messages today from very concerned folks in Nigeria and abroad: prophets, intercessors, pastors, simple Christians, following Nigeria’s electoral commission’s very disappointing announcement of Tinubu as ‘winner’ of the recent presidential elections in the country, despite all the glaring cases of Olympic manipulation of the electoral process in favour of the declared candidate of the ruling party.  One of the messages came from a dear sister in Australia, who forwarded her own sister’s tearful voice note, in which the sister was literally lamenting, “Sister, since morning when I saw the news on social media, I have not been myself.  Please, if you know God’s personal phone number, if you know how to reach Him, call Him.  Tell Him that we can’t take four more years of this suffering.  I thought it was all over.  Weren’t we told that the Egyptians we have seen so far, we would see them no more forever? Has God decided to punish us further with another bad government despite the many confessions of our sins? This is the worst time to be a Nigerian.  This hardship must end.  Please, help us, beg God for us… Not another four years of suffering…  Not another four years of pain … ” She sobbed on and on.  It was a very touching.

Another sister had sent a message from Switzerland: “My heart is heavy. I haven’t been able to work today.”  A senior banker called from Lagos, Nigeria.  He also had been distressed.  A leader of one of the intercessory bodies in my city called, then an emergency meeting of leaders was quickly agreed: What is God saying now?  How do we respond to the present situation? Let’s seek God’s face… and so on.

  1. Not the Voice of God 

If only we can see where God is headed with Nigeria in all of these, we would be dancing, not sorrowing.  The near future will vindicate our God, the Master Strategist.  The voice of INEC is not the voice of God.  Lately at our nightly national prayers, in the face of apparent and foreseen political schemings, I have sometimes called the hundreds of participants to let us join God and have a good laugh at the Enemy, according to Psalm 2:4.  We ended those nights on that mirthful note.  I see a New Nigeria; not the old that INEC would hoist upon the land.

The Master Strategist is about to catch the crafty in their craftiness, and turn the wickedness of the wicked upon themselves (Psalm 7:9; Job 5:12).  After this, those who thus far have thrived in their rule and oppression by crooked means shall no more be found on the scene.  It is a cleaning process starting soon.  The present ‘disappointment’ is merely one of God’s strategies to force the evil ones to manifest themselves, even those who had been hidden elsewhere.  We might otherwise have crowned villains and crucified saints.

  1. Wipe your Tears 

Wipe your tears, beloved. It’s not the time to cry.    It is time to begin to practise our new songs for the dance with timbrels and tambourines beyond the Red Sea.  I warn against two potential errors that the enemy would take advantage of the present situation to inflict upon Christians, especially those who pray:

1) Accusations:  The Accuser of the Brethren would attack some with the venom of guilt, as if the ‘disaster’ had come upon us because they had not prayed enough, not confessed their sins enough, not been righteous enough, which could lead to fresh calls to unnecessary sanctimonious ‘prayers’ of ‘confession’ and self-condemning  ‘repentances.”

2) Depression: A feeling of disappointment at God, with the endless why’s. It will be either ‘righteous’ accusations leading to depression, or depression opening the door to the Accuser of the Brethren.  Be watchful and thankful to the Lord.  Not time to condemn yourself or any other.

  1. A Nation Come to Birth 

About three years ago when we began to announce prophetically that Nigeria was approaching a birthing time, with a three-year window of grace, the fear was the mother and the baby; if we would lose either or both; if we would miss or maximize the season (Isaiah 37:3; Luke 19:44).  That occasioned many calls to prayer.  In the past year, the interceding midwives have been many, in several nations and all over Nigeria, and they are not about to have a still born.  No.

We have seen the New Nigeria, and this is what God now says to Nigeria: “Shall I bring to the birth, and not cause to bring forth? saith the LORD: shall I cause to bring forth, and shut the womb, saith thy God?” (Isaiah 66:9).  As we have often pointed out at prayer sessions, however, the Red Dragon will not sit back to watch the Woman birth the Man-child whose time has come to rule with a rod of iron (Revelation 12:1-3).  God also has His plan, unknown to the desperate and ruthless Red Dragon; a Plan higher than the crafty religious and ethnic bigoted oligarchy.

  1.  The Parable of the Red Sea 

There has been the recurrent theme of Pharaoh and the Red Sea in prophetic prayer circles about Nigeria in the past two months. By the principle of Matthew 18:16 and 2 Corinthians 13:1, when a spiritual theme becomes so spontaneous and recurrent in any season, it could be God’s voice for that season.  In this case, it is.  God is laying a terminal snare in the Red Sea for an age-long Oppressor and stubborn pursuer.  What Pharaoh and his team are now celebrating as their magical feat into the conquered belly of the Sea, in heedless pursuit of their fleeing slaves, is a snare soon to snap when it will be too late to escape.  If only they knew.  If only their sorcerers knew.

  1. Glorious Triumph 

There is triumph, and there is glorious triumph.  Triumph is when you defeat your enemy today, until he recovers and returns tomorrow, probably with greater fury for a more vicious fight.  But glorious triumph is when God terminates both horse and rider, both the wicked system and the wicked people who exploit or ride that horse to enslave others.  Sometimes we have attacked horse but spared rider, and the rider has simply changed horse – using a different name and platform to continue the oppression.  At other times we have rejoiced at the felling of a rider, but the fallen had been quickly replaced by a worse rider, to continue the enslaving ride.   When horse and rider are drowned however, the land starts her songs.

When God drowned Pharaoh and his fighting forces in the Red Sea, the nation of former slaves, who had known nothing but oppression and cries all their lives, sang their first song in hundreds of years.  This was their song: “I will sing unto the LORD, for he hath triumphed gloriously: the horse and his rider hath he thrown into the sea” (Exodus 15:1, 21).  All triumph is not glorious triumph.  This shall be glorious and unforgettable.

  1. The Parable of Adonijah 

According to 1 Corinthians 14:29-30, God does not speak only through one prophetic channel, and when He sends a word through His multiple “two or three” channels, there still can be a fourth ‘clearing house’ of a prophet, who had not been one of the “two or three” endowed in that season and place with that specific word, yet should judge those prevalent voices, so “that all may learn” as well as be “comforted.”  Mark the words “learn” (or be instructed) and “comforted.”

From what we have received of the Lord and what He has shown to ‘two or three’ others, Tinubu shall not be president. He has been announced, but shall not be installed.  Despite the hitherto respected but cursed priests in Prince Adonijah’s  camp, whose lingering ancestral judgment is about fall upon their Ichabod heads; despite his blinded wine-seeking mammoth followership, with bloody Commander Joab and other state apparatus deployed and induced to announce and anoint Adonijah, he shall not sit on David’s throne.  Those that anointed him did not have the divine constitutional horn of oil for doing so.  Soon, his camp shall desert him, when their own lives are at stake as they disappointingly hear the sounds of celebration from the other end of the city (1 Kings 1:5-53). It shall then be the ‘turn’ of the others to dance, who had not seen their dance until then.

  1. The Reasons for the Red Sea 

The mockers shall soon begin to mock the prophets, saying, “Didn’t you prophesy that Solomon would be king?  But behold Adonijah has been anointed by Abiathar the senior priest.”   Let them be, while now they have the microphone.

Soon the moles who have hidden in Peter’s camp, pretending to be dedicated midwives for the New Nigeria, shall ‘decamp’ and return where they have always been – with the oppressors now singing their ‘victory song’; rulers who have promised them bread and pieces of silver in the vainly anticipated seasons of continued enslavement.  In that way, God will be separating the drinkers from the lappers, the goats from the sheep, the spies from the sons; separating them unto the day of judgment, so that we do not that day shed wrong tear for thieves deserving of their gallows, so that no old wine escapes in the new wine skins, so that no mixed multitude distresses the new nation with their old songs for the cucumbers and garlics of Egypt, thereby bringing a plague upon the nation in the passage to Promised Land.

By the riddles of the Red Sea that shall cut off Adonijah, Western Nigeria shall feel cheated AGAIN by the oligarchic ‘North.’  That painful recall of history by some will further the divorce between the two in their strange ancient alliances by which the entire land has often been abused.  It will be part of the signs of the New Thing.

And all the guests that were with Adonijah were afraid, and rose up, and went every man his way (1 Kings 1:49),

I lately shared with one of the elders in the land as we judged the array of ‘two or three’ witnesses on the nation’s future, that God was about to change our seasons also.  Last year, at the national prayer altar, we took a day to earnestly reject the derisive Islamic date of May 29 craftily foist upon the nation.  The details are not for today. Based on my interpretation of the trend of revelations on the current political events and the great unlikelihood of an Adonijah rule, I see God answering that prayer, as the New Nigeria will not be built on that hitherto nationally traditional but dubiously Islamic date that mocks the Church.  It shall be Independence Day indeed.  God is not bound by INEC’s dates or calendar.  God is in this matter.


“He changeth the times and the seasons,” so that the new David shall not sit on the old date-throne of Ishmael.  Is that still a mystery to whom “he giveth wisdom”?

He that had an ear, let him hear, and stand back to watch.  Adonijah shall not be king.  Pentecost cometh, and Peter shall still stand to lift up his voice to that new day’s international audience (Acts 2:14).  But this shall take a few more days; days of trepidation and tumultuous highways, because “the iniquity of the Amorites is not yet full” (Genesis 15:16). Amen.

From The Preacher’s diary,
March 1, 2023. 

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