Fresh from the Press: new books by The Preacher

Kindly click on the link below to see some of our new books, as well as others, on Amazon/Kindle, each of them an acclaimed best seller, according to readers:

1. Balaam: Prophetic Pitfalls – one prophet whose life is a great lesson to preachers of all ages; one book with a compelling panorama on the allures and the cautions with the prophetic.

2. Mystic Markets and Destinies on Sale – your soul is probably on sale in a market somewhere in some realm, and you do not know it. Find out.

3. Beyond Holiness – Think of this: is being holy the end of the road? Can one be anything more than being holy? Hear my personal story, if you would.

4. Stray Bullets: Psychic Interferences of the Natural – this is one book the enemy has fought in many ways. Copies printed, copies lost, at great cost, a rare insight into mystic interventions in natural affairs, live stories, medical ‘accidents’ engineered from the other side, and lots more … Find out

5. Forgiveness – still globally acclaimed the best on the topic, with respected reviews by leaders from across the world making the same point. You have never read or heard of forgiveness until you have read this book, and re-read it, like some. Not a small book, but you might be unable to drop it once you start. That is what some readers said.

6. Understanding the Prophetic – too many definitions and mis-definitions of who the prophet is, and how to discern him and his words. This book is many things made easy on the subject of prophecy and the prophet. In the very unlikely event that you should sincerely regret buying it, we shall apologize.

You might wish to check this other site for a different pricing and, perhaps for some, an easier transactional access, strictly of e-copies.

Selar books online: – Balaam – Mystic Markets – Beyond Holiness – Stray Bullets

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