Distressing Devotionals on a Typical Day 

I receive over 15 daily devotionals on my phone, from different generally unsolicited sources.  It is not possible to read all of them, in addition to one’s own devotion for the day, so they usually get deleted, to make space on the phone.  One morning, I had a nudge to check up the topics for the day in each of those daily devotionals as received at the time.  This is what I found: 

  • Divine Uplifting and Connections 
  • Mission Accomplished  
  • You will Enjoy Manifold Grace 
  • God will Shield You 
  • God can Promote You 
  • Supernatural Peace 
  • Grace for More 
  • Useless Aprons 
  • God’s Options or Ours? 
  • Obey and be Blessed 

    I was worried.  Almost all the topics were about ourselves: our material and earthly wellbeing – our ‘upliftment,’ our peace, our protection, and ‘grace’ for much more greed.   I, Me, Mine.  There was little of the interest of the Father.  Where was repentance, salvation, missions, holiness, revival, genuine Kingdom sacrifice, heaven and hell?  It was, for me, an uncomfortable testimony of what the Church in this generation has made of God and the gospel: a vending and gaming machine, a talisman and a medium, a drive-by instant bless-me hub.   

    I am afraid that if it were possible to do the same survey of all the sermons on a typical Sunday, the findings would be the same.  Alas the kind of pitiful Christians produced by our unwholesome brand of the everlasting gospel!  No surprise that the plenty churches that line our many streets have generally been unable to change the streets! 

    Is God important only for what we can get from Him, what He can do for us, what we can use Him for?  Looking at those devotional breakfast recipes, I was troubled at the shallowness of our present Christianity; our carnality masked as spirituality; our greed masked as prosperity and faith, and the empty vessels we have produced, making the louder noise.   

    We surely need a Revival.  O Lord, may the showers begin to fall again. Amen.

    May 15, 2023. 

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